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About Standard English Academy

The prime duty of a teacher is to know the weaknesses of his students and make them realise their potential. We at SEA (Standard English Academy) have adopted the same approch when we guide the students to improve their communication skills such as reading, writing, listening, thinking and speaking in English and figure of Speech. We strike strainght at the weak points of the students and find out a suitable way to their improvement.

At SEA, we make the students understand the very basis of the language, leaving no room for confusion. The emphasis of our programme is on learning both British and American English, although it is given in dictionary like Oxford Advanced Learner, Cambridge and others.

In India, when it comes to spoken English, 60 out of 100 words are pronounced in British accent and 40 in American accent. At the same time in written English, the British style takes more than 90 precent space. This situation has emerged because English is not our first language and we try to follow whatever we listen from different people. Mastering a second language takes time and patience. On billingualism we find a three-fold disinction with regard to proficiency in L2 (Second Language). Thus we find references to Subordinate (grammar-translation method), Coordinate ( no translation) and Compound bilingual (complete control). Our programme focusses on all the three methods.

How we start

We belive in moving step-by-step. So, in order to know what method would suit you, we ask you to go through a pre-admission test. This enables us to select the best method for you. Do not hesitate in taking this test. After all it is for your benefit only. Do not be afraid of your shortcomings, as you will be able to overcome those only after knowing them.

Your Attitude

No teacher can help you learn anything unless you have a strong desire and urge to learn and improve. you should be ready to devote your quality time for few months then only you can tame this language. We too have taken up this profession with a mission. Our USP is international standard grammar, lexis, phonology and global vision. This Academy shall provide you a lifetime opportunity to steer your destiny the way you want but only if you are ready to put your ego aside and learn with sincerity.

Curriculum Developer and Language Trainer

Rajesh Jha Sir
(M.A. in English & PGD in Journalism)

Roopa Ma’am
(M.A. in English)

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