Essential English Program For Kids, Parents, Teachers, IELTS, TOEFL, SSC & UPSC Aspirants


Essential English Program For Kids, Parents, Teachers, IELTS, TOEFL, SSC & UPSC Aspirants

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Essential English Program is the compilation of 21 Video Lessons which are the vital lectures for all the students, parents, teachers and professionals who want to be a better reader, writer, listener and speaker of Standard English. No one can read, write, understand, think and speak in English confidently without knowing and practising these lessons regularly.
Our Course contains A to Z with British and American Accent; 44 Phonemes/IPA Symbols for Standard Pronunciation; 9 Parts of Speech in Prose and Poetry; 21 Tenses; questions with Verbs and all WH- Words; all Kinds of Sentences with question Tags; Key Verbs for Vocabulary;  16 Modal Verbs; Myself for Kids and Professionals; Passive Voice and Interview Skills. And whoever practises these lessons excellently will become an excellent English speaker soon.

Topics for this course

21 Lessons3h


Lesson 1 A to Z with British and American Accent4:29
Lesson 2 44 Phonemes/Sounds for Standard Pronunciation11:20
Lesson 3 Noun, Pronoun and Verb9:25
Lesson 4 Adjective, Adverb and Preposition4:00
Lesson 5 Conjunction, Exclamation and Determiner5:17
Lesson 6 All Parts of Speech in Poetry and Animation2:51
Lesson 7 Main Verbs for Vocabulary8:56
Lesson 8 Tense Part 18:29
Lesson 9 Tense Part 25:37
Lesson 10 Tense Part 33:56
Lesson 11 Tense Part 44:56
Lesson 12 Tense Part 54:52
Lesson 13 Tense Part 64:27
Lesson 14 Tense Part 73:44
Lesson 15 Questions and Answers from 21 Tenses15:26
Lesson 16 All Kinds of Sentences with Question Tags6:39
Lesson 17 All WH-Words for Conversation00:05:38
Lesson 18 Myself for Kids and Professionals4:40
Lesson 19 How to Face Interview4:37
Lesson 20 Passive Voice for Written and Spoken English00:10:28
Lesson 21 All the Modals with Spoken Skills8:35


About the instructor

Rajesh Jha Sir

M.A. in English and PGD in Journalism

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