How we teach English

We start teaching the English language from basics and as the students respond to the learning techniques, we gradually raise the standard. We make the learners read, write, listen and speak in Standard English with lexis, phonology and grammar by scientific learning technique.
We not only teach them 3000 key words with their usage and collocation but also teach them how to consult standard monolingual (English to English) dictionaries like Oxford, Cambridge and others independently. After completing our program, students are able to differentiate between British and American spelling, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. We start by teaching letters, phonemes and parts of speech. We also teach figure of speech and literary devices to make students understand literature themselves. The emphasis is on learning through scientific techniques instead of rote learning.
Having carried out the need analysis of learners and prepared booklets for them, we decide how to teach as we have to play important role in the emotional and intellectual formation of our students. We also make them aware of three Vs namely verbal (7 percent), voice (38 percent) and visual (55 percent) for effective communication.
I have been teaching English since 2006 and have taught hundreds of students in the age group of 5 to 50 years. Even one percent of those students did not have the basic knowledge of English language despite the fact that many of them had attended English medium schools in Delhi. This is really a shocking figure but it is very true. More shocking is the results of those students who had scored more than 90 percent marks in CBSE exams but were not able to speak in English nor they were able to read newspaper and books properly. It exposes our education system where our school has been miserably failed to provide even the knowledge of three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).
Now the question is how they will be able to crack competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, IELTS, TOEFL, IEO, UIEO and others without knowing the basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and phonemes. What they have achieved by spending so much money and so many years in school if they cannot express their feelings confidently. So ours is a must learning course for all the students. We also conduct three tests such as Objective, Subjective and Viva voce annually to make students confident and competent for this competitive world.
Most of the students do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families and they are first generation learners therefore it makes our job more important and challenging. Although we have the best course materials, we allow our teachers to be creative and innovative. They are decision makers not the executors of the decision or policy made and dictated by the bosses who are blind to the reality. We prepare students not only to focus on marks and grades but also prepare them for life.
We are passionate, proactive, diligent, creative, effective, productive and reflective teachers who are also curious to learn new things for the betterment of ourselves and our students.

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